Gently Raise the Sacred Strain

William W. Phelps

Gently raise the sacred strain,
For the Sabbath's come again
That man may rest,
And return his thanks to God,
For his blessings to the blest.

Holy day, devoid of strife;
Let us seek eternal life,
That great reward,
And partake the sacrament
In remembrance of our Lord.

Sweetly swells the solemn sound
While we bring our gifts around
Of broken hearts,
As a willing sacrifice,
Showing what his grace imparts.

Happy type of things to come,
When the Saints are gathered home
To praise the Lord
In eternity of bliss,
All as one with sweet accord.

Holy, holy is the Lord;
Precious, precious is his word;
Repent and live;
Though your sins be crimson red,
Oh, repent, and he'll forgive.

Softly sing the joyful lay,
For the Saints to fast and pray!
As God ordains,
For his goodness and his love,
While the Sabbath day remains.

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