Vade Mecum

From W. W. Phelps to Joseph Smith, the Prophet

William W. Phelps

This poem, and Joseph Smith's poetical response, were first published in the Times and Seasons (Nauvoo, January 1843) and later (August 1843) in the Millennial Star.

Go with me, will you go to the Saints that have died--
To the next better world where the righteous reside?
Where the angels and spirits in harmony be,
In the joys of a vast paradise?--Go with me.

Go with me where the truth and the virtues prevail;
Where the union is one, and the years never fail;
Not a heart can conceive, nor a nat'ral eye see
What the Lord has prepar'd for the just.--Go with me.

Go with me where there's no destruction or war;
Neither tyrants or sland'rers, nor nations ajar;
Where the system is perfect, and happiness free,
And the life is eternal with God.--Go with me.

Go with me, will you go to the mansions above,
Where the bliss, and the knowledge, the light, and the love,
And the glory of God do eternally be?
Death, the wages of sin, is not there.--Go with me.

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