Augusta Joyce Crocheron

And hast thou shut and locked thy heart
Against me? Nay, not so.
Whom once I loved, I ever love;
l cannot let thee go.
Thou, who hast dwelt within my love,
Winning thy place so well--
Ah! must we say good by to hearts?
I cannot say farewell.

Thou, who alone didst watch my bed
Of sorrow, pain, and fear;
While wintry night raged, dark and wild,
And death seemed all too near.
Can I forget those dream-like days,
When, resting in thy care,
I traced the wanderings of thy song
Upon the charmed air?

E'en if some idle words let fall
(As leaves float on the wind),
Long wandering, to thy gentle heart
Its way at last did find,
Ah! who could weigh it 'gainst the past,
With all its memories dear?
Not thou, or I, who know, so well,
Life's holy mission here.

Ah! who would take the perfect rose,
Love on its heart had worn,
And, counting not its loveliness,
Treasure alone the thorn?
I could not sing in heaven, if there
A loved face turned away,
Unreconciled; 'twould chill my joy,
E'en in that perfect day.

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