Hatrack River Publications

Hatrack River is a small publishing company, owned and overseen by Orson Scott Card, that specializes in popular LDS fiction. Its current publications list includes:

Kathryn H. Kidd, Return to Paradise (1997)
Denise Tucker, Hand to Hand (1996)
DeAnne Neilson, Perfect Neighbors (1994)
Lisa Ray Turner, Pray Away Pounds (1993)
Kathryn H. Kidd, The Alphabet Year (1991)
Nancy Allen Black, Gert Fram: A Kid's Book for Grown-Ups (1991)
Kathryn H. Kidd, The Innkeeper's Daughter (1990)
Susan Dean Smallwood, You're a Rock Sister Lewis (1989)
Kathryn H. Kidd, Paradise Vue (1989)

Contact Information:

Hatrack River Publications
Editorial Department
P.O. Box 18184
Greensboro, NC 27419-8184
(910) 282-9848
(910) 288-5470 (fax)

Publisher: Orson Scott Card
Distributed through Publisher's Wholesale