A Believing People: Literature of the Latter-day Saints

A Believing People: Literature of the Latter-day Saints

Table of Contents

Introduction (complete text online)

  1. History
  2. Biography and Autobiography
  3. Letters
  4. Journals and Diaries
  5. Sermons
  6. The Essay
  7. Poetry
    Nineteenth-century Poetry
    Twentienth-century Poetry
  8. Fiction
  9. The Novel
  10. Drama


Editors' Introduction: Mormon History as Mormon Literature

AuthorSelection Title
Lucy Mack SmithYoung Joseph's Illness
Joseph Smith, Jr.Joseph Smith Tells His Own Story
B. H. RobertsThe Missouri Persecutions
Thomas L. KaneThe Mormons
Leonard J. ArringtonThe First Year in the Valley
James E. TalmageThe Death and Burial of Jesus Christ

Biography and Autobiography

Editor's Introduction: Mormon Biography and Autobiography
AuthorSelection Title
Parley P. PrattFrom The Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt
John TaylorThe Martyrdom
Daniel W. JonesSome Early Mormon "Fast Days"
S. A. KennerIndian Episode of Early Days
Florence A. Merriam BaileyGrandma
Karl G. MaeserHow I Became a "Mormon"
Juanita BrooksHome Reminiscences of Uncle Will Brooks


Editor's Introduction: Mormon Letters as Mormon Literature
AuthorSelection Title
Joseph SmithTo Emma Smith
Joseph SmithTo Emma Smith
Joseph SmithTo W. W. Phelps
Brigham YoungTo the Brethren Returning from Missions
Brigham YoungBrigham Young's Last Will and Testament
Ursulia B. Hascall, Irene Hascall PomeroyThe Hascall-Pomeroy Correspondence
Ellen Spencer ClawsonTo Ellen Pratt McGary

Journals and Diaries

Editor's Introduction: Mormon Journals and Diaries as Mormon Literature
AuthorSelection Title
Hosea StoutCrossing the Plains
William ClaytonArriving in Zion
Mary Goble PayDeath Strikes the Hand Cart Company
Priddy MeeksHistorical Chips
Joseph Smith BlackCohabitation: The Day of the U.S. Marshal


Editor's Introduction: Mormon Sermons as Mormon Literature
AuthorSelection Title
Joseph SmithThe King Follett Discourse
Brigham YoungConference Remarks on Science and Religion
Orson PrattDiscourse on the Plan of Salvation
J. Golden KimballWhat is a "Good Man"?
B.H. RobertsProtest Against the Science-thought of
"A Dying Universe" and No Immortality for
Man: The Mission of the Church of the New Dispensation
Gordon B. HinckleyThe True Strength of the Church

The Essay

Editor's Introduction: The Mormon Essay
AuthorSelection Title
Orson F. WhitneyHome Literature
William MulderMormonism and Literature
Parley A. ChristensenMormonism: An Eternal Quest
Robert K. ThomasA Literary Critic Looks at the Book of Mormon
Hugh NibleyEducating the Saints--A Brigham Young Mosaic
Truman G. MadsenHuman Anguish and Divine Love
Edward GearyGoodbye to Poplarhaven

Nineteenth-century Poetry

Editor's Introduction: Mormon Poetry
AuthorSelection Title
Anonymous folksongs Once I Lived in Cottonwood
The Handcart Song
Marriage Proposal
William W. PhelpsGently Raise the Sacred Strain
Now Let Us Rejoice
Hosanna Anthem
Praise to the Man
Vade Mecum: From W. W. Phelps to Joseph Smith the Prophet
Joseph SmithThe Vision: From Joseph Smith to W.W. Phelps, Esq.
John LyonThe Apostate: A Fragment
Family Prayer
Joel H. JohnsonHigh on a Mountain Top
Eliza R. SnowHow Great the Wisdom and the Love
Invocation, or the Eternal Father and Mother
Be Not Discouraged
My First View of a Western Prairie
Mental Gas
Parley P. PrattCome, O Thou King of Kings
The Morning Breaks; the Shadows Flee
An Angel From on High
Evening Prayer
Cyrus H. WheelockYe Elders of Israel
William ClaytonCome, Come, Ye Saints
John JaquesOh Say, What is Truth?
Charles W. PenroseUp, Awake, Ye Defenders of Zion
Richard SmythIsrael, Israel, God Is Calling
Ina CoolbrithMillennium
Augusta Joyce CrocheronThoughts Within
Joseph L. TownsendTo Nephi, Seer of Olden Time
Hope of Israel
Orson F. WhitneyThe Wintry Day, Descending to Its Close
From Elect of Elohim, in Elias, An Epic of the Ages
Josephine SpencerThe Long Steel Road

Twentienth-century Poetry

Editor's Introduction: Mormon Poetry
AuthorSelection Title
S. Dilworth YoungThe Brothers: June 24, 1844
Vesta Pierce CrawfordThe Fable of the Rose
Christie Lund ColesModern Christmas
Veneta L. NielsenMy Father Tamed Wild Horses
Arthur Henry KingOn This Gray and Silver Day
Hot Weather in Tucson
Edward L. HartTo Utah
The Gentle Way: (To President David O. McKay)
Marden J. ClarkLines on a Line
Lael W. HillThe Pagans
May SwensonThe Centaur
Any Object
Clinton F. LarsenA Letter from Israel Whiton, 1851
The Witness
Max GolightlyWidow Spring
R. Paul CracroftThe Martyrdom
Emma Lou ThaynePruning the Sage
First Loss
Sunday School Picture
John Sterling HarrisThe Assassination of Emma Gray
Hay Derrick
David L. WrightA Gathering of Saints
Thomas AsplundThe Heart of My Father
Harrison DavisFrom the Land of Song
Nolyn HardyToday's Dignitary
Marilyn McMeen MillerNews Express
R. A. ChristmasAt Mountain Meadows: for Juanita Brooks
Carol Lynn PearsonTo the Mormon Now Blessed With Roses Instead of Tar and Feathers
To an Atheist
Charis SouthwellComplete Poems online, including "Reformation"
Clifton Holt JolleyHeritage
Dennis DrakeTo Jacob Hamblin (1819-1886)
Dennis Marden ClarkStatement before the World Expands
A Name and a Blessing
Helen Walker JonesCornerstone (Tracting in New Mexico)
Linda SillitoeTrip Toward Prayer
Ann DotySterling and Jenny
AnonymousGive, Said the Little Stream
Naomi W. RandallI Am a Child of God


Editor's Introduction: Mormon Fiction
AuthorSelection Title
Parley P. PrattA Dialogue Between Joseph Smith and the Devil
Josephine SpencerA Trial of Hearts
Nephi AndersonLester Amsden's Love
Virginia SorensenThe Darling Lady
Eileen G. KumpThe Willows
Douglas H. ThayerUnder the Cottonwoods
Donald R. MarshallThe Week-End

The Novel

Editor's Introduction: The Mormon Novel
AuthorSelection Title
Nephi AndersonFrom Marcus King, Mormon
Vardis FisherFrom Children of God
Maurine WhippleFrom The Giant Joshua


Editor's Introduction: Mormon Drama
AuthorSelection Title
Clinton F. LarsonThe Mantle of the Prophet
Martin L. KellyAnd They Shall Be Gathered

Richard H. Cracroft and Neal E. Lambert, eds. A Believing People: Literature of the Latter-day Saints. Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University Press, 1974.

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